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    CSS3 Pie →

    PIE stands for Progressive Internet Explorer. It is an IE attached behavior which, when applied to an element, allows IE to recognize and display a number of CSS3 properties. 

    Basically it is a “fix” for IE browsers that don’t support some of the fancy new CSS3 elements.

    As this was up on my browser, one of my coworkers who had tried it, immediately said “sucks”. I asked him to elaborate and he said it is half-way decent, but is not fool-proof. It doesn’t function perfectly and some things are basically ignored.

    I would still use Modernizr, but I will at least give this a test try.

    — 1 year ago
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    Animate.css →

    A humungous CSS page with pretty much all the different types of CSS3 Animations possible. All you have to do is edit at will. … or “just add water”.

    — 1 year ago
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    Jquery effects I can use right NOW!

    It’s so ridiculously tedious going around the net looking for a Jquery effect that you want to use for a site.

    That may sound vague but really it is an annoyingly long process.

    When you want to “start from scratch” but you want to incorporate some good Old JQ, but you don’t want to use the same tired old library you already have, you naturally put your Google Jedi cloak on.

    The problem is that their are like a billion Top 15687343 Jquery Effects & Samples types of posts out there. Rarely are they timely. Most usable list posts are from 2010 to maybe Fall 2011. Yes, I’ve seen the rare 2012 post already but it’s limited. That is a lot of posts to wade through, and half the time they list the same examples over and over. Even when better options are available.

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    — 2 years ago with 2 notes
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    Styling SELECT options! →

    Chosen is a JavaScript plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly. It is currently available in both jQuery and Prototype flavors.

    — 2 years ago with 14 notes
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    CSS hack for IE8 Standards Mode →

    IE8 Standards Mode:

    .test { color /*\**/: blue\9 }

    All IE Versions:

    .test { color: blue\9 }

    — 2 years ago
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    Remove Button Text in IE7 →

    Negative-indent alone unfortunately doesn’t work to remove text from a button element in IE7, but add text-transform: capitalize; and presto!

    It’s true. I could not believe this worked but for some insane reason it does. I have used this now on all clients work.

    — 2 years ago
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